Our hair comes from all over the world to match the client’s original hair.⁠

Most of our clients have fine and thin hair and they benefit the most from Slavic hair. Our Slavic hair comes from Ukraine, west parts of Russia, Czech Republic. All our Slavic hair is cut from single donors, who get paid very well for their donations.⁠

We also work with South American hair, this hair comes from Argentina and Brazil. This hair is thicker and heavier to Slavic hair and we mainly recommend to clients with naturally thick hair and Asian clients, also this hair is a great choice for Afro hair. This hair also is virgin and cut from single donors, also donations are paid very well as ethics are very important to us.⁠

We strictly don’t import hair from China, not because Chinese ladies don’t have beautiful hair but because we don’t know what happens to the hair at the factories and we simply cannot take such risk.⁠