Berenice the Goddess was revered for her beautiful golden hair which she donated in order to save her husband. She made the sacrifice for a greater need.

  • We offer cooperation with hairdressers or anyone who cuts their hair and does not need it.
  • Instead of keeping your hair in the closet you can get some money for it or you can donate your hair for people who cannot afford a good quality hair piece. Some people with a medical condition have a limited budget and often buy a low quality hair piece which is very uncomfortable to wear. When we use donated hair, the price of the final piece does not include any price of hair, just the price of materials and work.

If you want to sell your hair

We are interested mainly in virgin hair (never dyed or otherwise chemically treated) any length and any colour.
The payback to you is £50 – £200 for 100g of hair.
The price depends on length, quality and colour. The light colours are more valuable.