You can order any item from our webiste – such as ready made hair pieces or extensions. Ready made hair pieces will be with you in 2-3 days unless you ask us for any alterations (then it is about 5-7 workind days). If you order raw hair from our website and ask us to make them to a custom made extensions also count 5-7 days for you to receive them.

When you order your custom made hair piece, the total time is between 6-8 weeks. After your first consultation where we discuss all the details we will ask you to pay 50% deposit and when your hair piece is ready then you balance the sum.

All our face to face consultations work by appointments only as we are currently home based. On the day of your visit we will show you all the different types of hair we work with, and you will have the option to choose the exact hair for your hair piece. We will show you and let you try different wigs, toppers and also wig caps as we have different constructions to demonstrate.

Most often we will then make a head mould make of cling film – it is a fast and easy process, nothing to worry about. This will ensure that you have the best fitting piece. We will also measure your head with a measure tape.

And we will answer all your questions too πŸ™‚

Slavic hair comes from European countries (mostly Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia) and is cut from donors who are happy to cut their hair. This hair has never been chemically treated in any way and is natural. This type of hair is an investment and this hair will last lifetime. The donors get paid very well for their donations and all our hair is ethhically sourced.
Wigs, toppers and any other hair pieces are 6-8 weeks to be made.

Custom made hair extensions of any type (wefts, prebonded hair, halo pieces, ponytails etc) – maximum of 5 – 7 working days. More often we can complete earlier than that πŸ™‚

Any hair we work with, either Slavic, South American hair or any other can be virgin/unprocessed or processed hair.

The virgin hair is cut from single donors and it has never been coloured before. Therefore this hair comes most of the times from very young donors.

Processed hair has been coloured, we supply pre coloured blond hair directly from Ukraine, therefore it has been factory processed and we do not know the exact donors, however each tail is still from a single donor head. Or it has been processed by us, which is normally much better option for the client as the hair remains very healthy because we use a very careful and slow colouring process.

Hand tied wefts – the top hem can never be cut, so you need to tell us in advance what width do you need.

Machine weft – you will get a long strip of weft, which is very flat, and you can cut the weft anywhere you need.

Raw Hair – this is simply a ponytail which is cut from a donor and we do not touch it at all. So you will find lot of short hair within the tail.

Single Drawn Hair – we will remove between 4-10β€³ of the shortest hair from the root area.

Double Drawn Hair – we will remove most short hairs from top to bottom of the tail so you will have same thickness top to bottom, this process will cost lot more money and cost and weight of each product will be agreed prior to your purchase.

We are aware that our hair is expensive and is very rare to get. That is why it is our priority to make each of our client happy and we listen to your needs 100%. However it can happen that the final product is not what you expected it to be.

If you order loose hair, it is a simple process where you can send it back to us and we either exchange the tail or we can refund the money.

When we make the hair into a custom extension it is a bit different because by creating the extension we normally reduce the length etc, so it is important that you are sure about the hair you purchase. If you are not happy we definitely work with you to fix this issue. If it is a colour, we are happy to tone the hair, if you need longer or shorter wefts we are happy to reweft it. We will definitely not leave you unhappy with your new hair.