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hairpiece for men

Pictures of our most recent clients wearing our bespoke pieces

Custom made wigs in London by Berenice London – you can have a custom made wig designed for various reasons – as a fashion accessory (theater, or change of look) or for medical condition (Alopecia, Trichotillomania, genetic thinning, undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy).
You can now place an order for a custom made piece online. We recommend you to send us a sample of your hair for the best colour match, or to email us photos of desired look to [email protected], or WhatsApp us +447539516615.

All our custom made wigs are designed and hand made in the UK by us as we are qualified WIG MAKERS. Custom made wigs are our priority but we also offer hair pieces from stock. We will take detailed measurements and a head mould to achieve the exact size for your new hair system and to make it feel like a second skin. We also send custom made wigs worldwide as we use detailed measurements by our clients to make the perfect hair piece. We can also bleach knots on your hair piece if you require us to do so.

All our hair pieces are made of the best quality hair and materials – we use either pre coloured hair or virgin Russian Slavic hair cut from single donors. We also work with South American hair, this hair is very shiny with thick ends, natural colours are from darkest brown to chocolate brown but we can also find very light colours. We use best quality Swiss lace, which last much longer than an ordinary lace and blends with your skin seamlessly. With the luxury of having such a strong lace, we can also offer HD lace or film lace. We also stock silk (skin top) in different colours and we will choose the best one for you (white, pink, beige).

We will support our clients throughout the whole wig making process to achieve the perfect and most comfortable wig/toupee. We choose the closest hair colour and texture to your request, or we can colour the hair piece as you wish. We will match the colours of the materials we use (lace, silk, mesh). At your request we will provide professional cutting and styling.

Please see the first picture in the gallery below which instructs you on how to measure your head correctly. If you are unsure about any measurements please contact us.

Custom made wigs take up to 10 weeks to be designed.

Custom Made Wigs & Repairs in London

  • All our wigs are LUXURY products and CUSTOM designed;
  • We only use the best hair of your choice for all wigs – COLOURED or VIRGIN (you will never find any silicone coating or other chemicals on our hair, all our hair IS CUTICLE INTACT);
  • You will receive support and advice throughout the whole wig making process;
  • For all of our local clientele we make a head mould and match a lace to your skin to get an exact match. For all of our abroad clients, we require detailed head measurements to get a precise hair piece (we send instructions on how to do the measurements);
  • We also offer repair services on our wigs (or any wigs you have), so your cap can get refreshed and this way will last you longer;
  • We are trained hairdressers and offer cutting/colouring on hair pieces – highlights, lowlights, balayage, darker roots;
  • We only use the best materials for our hair pieces, we choose these accordingly to your needs and will clarify with you what materials we choose to use;
  • We design hair pieces and medical wigs for women, children and men’s toupees;

Delivery time: Regular service is up to 10 weeks.

Cap Constructions

Most commonly used caps:

  • Full hand knotted wigs or wefted wigs;
  • Hand made top wig, back is with stretchy lace (glueless);
  • Full lace cap wig (glue or tape is needed);
  • Silicone injected full cap (we may need more time to produce this);
  • Wigs with crown stretch;
  • Lace front with silk top, stretchable mesh (glueless);
  • Full hand made mono top wig both sides non slip PU (glueless);
  • Jewish wigs;
  • Front lace pieces;
  • Fringes;
  • Integrated systems (wigs or toppers) with option of added lace, skin top;
  • Full silk top men’s toupee;
  • Men’s toupee made of mono or lace;
  • Pre-plucked wigs;
  • We use baby hair for the most natural look;

Materials We Work With

  • Lace – mainly Swiss silk coated lace. This is a special lace we get from Switzerland, it is much stronger than ordinary lace but remains as soft. Lace comes in different denier (thickness) and where client has no preference we often use denier 30 which lasts longer. We stock the softest HD lace/denier 15 and many others for clients who wish to use these. We offer different colours to match every skin tone. From our experience transparent and beige coloured lace suits most skin complexions. Where lace is used, hair can be parted anywhere. Some clients have a preference of bleaching knots on the lace. On lace frontal pieces we ensure there are plenty of baby hairs and a very soft, thin & natural hair line which slowly graduate to higher hair density. This detail and precision is very important to us. Lace is most often used for frontal line, we often use other materials for other parts of the hair piece, but of course every client has got different preference. Lace is a very breathable material.
  • Monofilament – material often used for the “parting area”, much stronger material than lace and can be also parted anywhere. This is the first level of the “skin look”, it gives the illusion of a skin but not as other materials that we use.
  • Silk – silk material is only used on smaller sized toppers and for parting area on a full wig. Silk top is made of 2 materials, where the knots are hidden and gives the illusion that hair is growing out of a skin. This is the second level of the “skin look” on a hair piece.
  • French drawn injected top – the very best skin looking top. The hair is injected into 3 materials in total, giving an absolutely undetectable look. It is very flat on the head and can be parted anywhere.
  • Silicone – called PU or NPU – sticky strap used around a hair piece for better grip, and often we use sticky strips inside a wig also for a non-sliding effect.
  • Mesh – mainly used for integration systems, it is much more durable than lace and we would not use this as a frontal piece. Very breathable material.
  • Stretchy mesh – we often use this at the back of a topper or a full wig for the best comfort. Very durable material where we can hand knot hair or sew in flexible thin machine wefts. We can also make a GRIPPY/STICKY mesh – ideal for someone who has no hair at all, sticky mesh will adapt to your own head perfectly giving you a very secure feeling. Very breathable material.
  •  Injected thin skin (PU) – ideal for total hair loss clients as it will stick into the head like a second skin. It is not a very breathable material but on the other hand it is very secure and absolutely undetectable.