Some of our clients wearing hair pieces & hair extensions. Thank you for sharing.

Lovely Mary from the USA with her custom made virgin hair topper. Very special as we matched the grey shades in the right areas.

Cemre wearing a full wig made of virgin chestnut hair.

Armine wearing a topper together with some clip on extensions with extra length.

Beautiful Karin who donated her healthy shiny hair to us. 🙂

This is myself, trying a pre-coloured full wig on. This wig was made of Slavic hair.

Also myself, trying a hair bun on, this is hand knotted and made of virgin Slavic hair.

Our client Sandra is wearing a short cut full wig to match her bio hair, made of Slavic hair with extra highlights added.

Vivienne loves our virgin wavy Slavic hair and is wearing a full wig.

Tape in extensions fitted for Vanessa. This is a pre-coloured Slavic hair, 24″ long with thick ends.

A topper matching the own hair perfectly. This topper has a silk top and is made of pre-coloured hair.

Jo loves the best quality virgin Slavic hair as she does lof of sport and needs them to stay perfect for a long time. She uses pre bonded hair.

Nicole is wearing a full lace wig made of the best Slavic virgin hair.

Patricia is wearing a clip-in set made of the thinnest high quality virgin Slavic hair, which was highlighted for the perfect hair match.

This lady donated her beautiful hair to us.

Virgin Slavic hair in wefts supplied to a salon, which ended up in this beautiful result.

Pre bonded blonde Slavic hair were used for a big day 🙂

A small 4×4″ virgin Slavic hair topper used for this lady.

Stacey is delighted with her repaired wig by us. It feels like new again.

Natural look achieved by few hand tied weft, Slavic hair.

Man’s toupee.

Polina is wearing a few clip on extensions made of Slavic virgin hair for extra length.

Pre bonded Slavic extensions were fitted for extra length and thickness.

Pre-coloured Slavic hair, 28″ long, 250gr of pre-bonded extensions.

Melissa is wearing a Slavic virgin hair topper, only 4×4″ big.

A topper fitted for this client, size 6×6″.

This is myself with a topper on 🙂

Sandra is wearing a virgin Slavic hair topper with a silk top.

A full lady wig, comfortable stretchy cap for easy wear.

Absolute transformation with a man toupee.

How natural 🙂

Full lady wig in naturally white/grey colour. This was a very unique bespoke project.

Halo extensions created to match the clients colour. This is a very fine and soft hair.

Lovely custom coloured Slavic hair extensions.

Caroline is wearing a full lace wig, with virgin Slavic hair.

We bleach the knots at the frontline for her for the most natural look.

Caroline is living with Alopecia.

Daisy is wearing a full wig, made of virgin Slavic hair. This wig has a full density at the back but the top and front are knotted medium/lightly to Daisy’s request.

Modupe is wearing a Slavic hair frontal system by us together with hand tied wefts. Modupe colours the hair herself.

Marisa is wearing a topper 8×8″ with beautiful rich Slavic virgin hair.

Natasha has got one of our toppers, she loves long naturally wavy soft Slavic hair.

Evie is wearing a full wig, South American hair.

Rachel is wearing a very natural full wig, made with very soft Slavic hair.

Audrey is wearing a Slavic virgin hair topper, which she customised all herself – the colour and the cut.

Audrey is wearing a Slavic virgin hair topper, which she customised all herself – the colour and the cut.

Bushra is wearing a custom South American virgin topper to match her own hair.

Mandy wearing a frontal lace piece made of naturally brown/grey hair, together with a few tapes made by us, with the same colour.

Jenine is wearing a full wig made with soft Slavic virgin hair.

Katie is wearing a naturally curly South American virgin hair topper, size 10×10″ with a full density at the back.

Beautiful wig on Helen, with wonderful hair cut.