The most important thing when you are ordering a wig is to understand what do you need the wig for and what do you expect from it. ⁠

The questions we will ask you are:⁠

✨ Do you want your wig to stay on or do you want one that you can simply put on and take off?⁠
✨ What is your lifestyle and what activities will you do while wearing the wig?⁠

We will help you to make a head mould, or if we are talking through a video call then you will measure your head with a tape measure under our guidance.⁠

We will discuss the hair colour and hair quality with you. If you like to go ahead we will ask you for 50% of the payment ahead and you will get an invoice for this. Your wig will be ready in 6-8 weeks ✌🏼⁠

Alternatively you can order your custom hair piece online through our website and you are always welcome to ask us any questions if you are unsure about anything.