Hair toppers come in different sizes that is why it is important to get in touch with us so we can recommend you with the best size for you – as we are all unique. ✨⁠

But generally we design toppers with or without a frontal lace. ⁠

Frontal lace would replace your current frontal hairline, if you have hair at the front and you need to cover just the top part of your head then you do not need a frontal lace. ⁠

Most toppers we design with french drawn silk top as clients often have existing hair, and silk creates the skin look and is not transparent.⁠

What really works for most of our clients is a stretchy base of the topper so it hugs your head like a glove.⁠

Toppers are attached mainly with clips or a tape/glue. However there are alternatives also and we can create a clip-less toppers with a help of silicone bands, elastic and velcro.⁠

Toppers are the most popular hair pieces and we can definitely design the one of your dreams! 🤎