Hand-tied wefting Course

Hand-tied wefting Course

£500.00 ex. VAT

This is a 6-7 hours course (1-2  days) where you will learn everything about hand-tied wefting. This course is suitable for anyone, you do not need to have any experience with hair.

What will be covered on the day (online or in videos sent to you):

  • Health & safety
  • Materials needed for hand wefting
  • Drawing hair and general preparation
  • Setting up your wefting area
  • Different types of knots we use in wefting
  • How to make wefts to custom size and different thickness of your wefts
  • Cutting up return hairs & securing your hand tied weft
  • Minimasing hair waste
  • Demonstration of what you learned will be awarded with a certificate

As a part of this course you will get an essential kit. For anyone booking virtual class or wants pre recorded videos, we will send your kit by post. What does your kit include:

  • Drawing mat
  • Weavin pole
  • Wooden portable working station
  • Weaving thread
  • Scissors
  • Tooth comb
  • Hair clips, jockey
  • Tape measure
  • Glue
  • Digital scale
  • Manual
  • Russian & South American hair
  • Certificate


For any additional information or booking a course at your place please email us on [email protected], leave a comment in the Text Box bellow or simply press the WhatsApp button and chat to Petra.


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