At Berenice London we specialise in the production of Human Hair Wigs from our based in London for delivery across the UK and Europe.

Our custom made human hair wigs can be designed for various reasons – as a fashion accessory (theater, or change of look) or for medical condition (Alopecia, Trichotillomania, genetic thinning, undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy).

All of our custom made human hair wigs are designed and hand made in the UK by us at Berenice London. We are qualified WIG MAKERS.

Human hair wigs are our priority but we also offer hair pieces from stock.

All of our human hair wigs are made of the best quality hair and materials – we use either pre coloured hair or virgin Russian Slavic hair cut from young donors. We also work with South American hair, this hair is very shiny with thick ends, natural colours are from darkest brown to chocolate brown. We use Swiss silk coated lace, which last much longer than an ordinary lace. With the luxury of having such a strong lace, we can also offer HD lace or film lace. We also stock silk (skin top) in different colours and we will choose the best one for you (white, pink, beige).

We will support our clients throughout the whole human hair wig making process to achieve the perfect and most comfortable wig/toupee. We choose the closest hair colour and texture to your request, or we can colour the hair piece as you wish. We will match the colours of the materials we use (lace, silk, mesh). At your request we will provide professional cutting and styling.

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