Single Drawn Hair

(min. 6″ drawn)

Single Drawn Luxurious Hair

(8″-10″ drawn, thick ends)

Lightest Blonde Luxurious Hair

(min. 6″ drawn)

This is hair that has never been coloured or processed in any way and is silicone free. All hair is very healthy, cuticle correct, tangle free and mostly cut from young donors. All of our hair is ethically sourced. This is not just a term that is “cool” to be used but it has a meaning. All the donors are happy to cut their hair as they get paid lot of money for it and it is a significant amount of money for them. None of our donors are forced into cutting hair.

This is the most silky, shiny hair with a natural movement that we can find in the whole world.  Virgin Slavic hair is a gem amongst any other hair.

We can also get white/grey hair, which is exceptionally soft and silky, has a natural move and shine – please specify your desired grey shade in comment box, email us for help [email protected] or simply press the WhatsApp button for any help. For the best result you can purchase our “made in house” virgin hair colour ring or simply send us a strand of your hair which we need to match to: Berenice London, 71 Deans Road, London, W73QD, UK.

With appropriate care this hair will last a lifetime. As this hair is healthy natural human hair which you can treat and style as your own by means of blow dryer, hair straighteners, curling irons/tongs – you can also dye the hair and perm it.

SINGLE DRAWN HAIR – this hair has been cut from a donor, cleaned and washed. We remove up to 6″ short hair from the root area. We get variety of tails, some are naturally with thick ends, some hair will be thinner at the ends in this category. You will find short hairs within each tail.

SINGLE DRAWN LUXURIOUS HAIR – MINIMUM OF 8″-12″ FROM THE ROOT IS REMOVED, that means the hair has been washed, cleaned and removed from all fluffy, small hairs or any broken hair within the tail. All of the tails within this category have even full ends (but are not double drawn) and you will see a few shorter hairs within each tail. This hair feels like double drawn hair to many of our clients. 

LIGHTEST BLONDE LUXURIOUS HAIR – SINGLE DRAWN HAIR, that means the hair is washed and cleaned and removed from all fluffy and small hairs. This hair is soft like a silk with natural and beautiful shine. Minimum of 6″ from the root will be drawn, most lightest blonde tails are with naturally full ends, we are happy to show you picture before posting.